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Live a great adventure with the best excursions in the Mexican Caribbean. Prices and rates are in dollars and are per person.

Chichen Itza Calssic Tour
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  • You can book with a deposit of $10 USD per person per tour for any tour to islands or archaeological sites.
  • Reservations for theme parks such as xcaret, xelha and discotheca cocobongo must be paid in full to reserve.
  • Service, quality, trust, safety and personalized attention during the service.
  • Consider paying additional taxes in some cases such as nature reserves or dock taxes.
  • The services that do not include transportation are Isla Mujeres, Cocobongo and Swim with Dolphins, if required it is contracted separately.

Booking and Information

We have fun packages especially for you

Chichen Itzá + Xcaret Plus $5,200 per person

Paquete Chichen-Xcaret-2-yucqualify
Paquete Chichen-Xcaret-3-yucqualify
Paquete Chichen-Xcaret-4-yucqualify

Isla Mujeres + Xcaret Plus $4,400.00 per person

Isla Mujeres + Xcaret Yucqualify-2
Paquete Chichen-Xcaret-4-yucqualify

Isla Mujeres-Chichén Clásico-Tulum Madre Naturaleza $3,489.00 per person

Isla Mujeres + Xcaret Yucqualify-2
Tulum Madre Naturaleza-yucqualify
Tulum Madre Naturaleza-yucqualify-3

Boooking and Information

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